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Motorola MOTO X Discount Code Makes it $0 Now!

Moto X Discount Code

Use our Exclusive Moto X discount code and get ready to respond. Use your Moto X without touching it, the Moto X 4G LTE smartphone recognizes voice commands. You can ask for directions or whether you’ll need to grab an umbrella as you head out the door. Moto X learns your voice and responds only to you. With an active display, there’s no need to wake it to get basic information such as whether you have messages pending-just glance at your screen to know.

Carefully copy and paste the Moto X Discount code below:


when you check out of the Online Verizon Store HERE! and you will get an additional $50 off. Making your New Moto X $0.

Using two twists of your wrist, you can quickly open the Moto X camera, ensuring you don’t miss the perfect shot. And Moto X is designed and assembled in the USA, so it’s close to you before it even gets to you.

Command your Moto X without touching it. Waking up your new Motorola smartphone from a sleep is a thing of the past with Moto X. Use voice commands to get information, such as the current weather, without even touching your phone. Or use your voice to complete a task, such as making a call or opening a mobile hotspot. Moto X is always ready to respond.

Get alerted instantly when messages arrive Take the guesswork out of determining whether you have a new message. The Moto X active display pays attention for you. The battery–friendly feature shows notifications and time at–a–glance on your screen, so there’s no need to wake Moto X to find out.

Capture your life with a quick–opening, full–featured camera Just by picking up this smartphone and twisting your wrist twice, Moto X is ready to shoot with its 10– MegaPixel camera. Use your entire 4.7–inch HD screen as a viewfinder without any icons obstructing your view. Tap anywhere on the screen to take a shot. Capture great photos even in low–light places and shoot 1080p HD video.

MOTO X Discount Code

MOTO X Discount Code

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