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Galaxy Note 3 Promo Code $249.99

Galaxy Note 3 Promo Code

Use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Promo Code below and put an additional $50 in your pocket along with you new Verizon cell phone from Samsung. Free Shipping!

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The Next Big Thing from Samsung Is Here The Galaxy Note 3 is more innovative than ever-not to mention it has a re engineered design. The full HD display is stunning, and the smarter S Pen is a better way to control, write and get more done. And with the new Galaxy Gear™ as a companion to your Note 3, simplify your mobile experience and interact with your phone like never before.

Smarter Design. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has evolved in its design, both inside and out. The new exterior is a whole new take on the Samsung Galaxy experience. And the sleek magazine-style viewing option always keeps your favorite content right at your fingertips.

Galaxy Note 3 Promo Code

Galaxy Note 3 Promo Code

Jam Bluetooth Promo Code 25% OFF

Jam Bluetooth Promo Code

Use our exclusive Jam Bluetooth Promo Code and pocket an additional 25% discount on your purchase right now!

Carefully copy and past this Jam Bluetooth Promo Code: 0003UC-A

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THIS Online Verizon Store.

Jam Speaker Details

Jam Bluetooth Speakers deliver high quality sound for a super sweet price.

They connect wirelessly, up to 30 feet away from your Bluetooth friendly device. So you can pair a speaker with your iPhone and jam out virtually anywhere.

Jam’s lithium-ion battery is fully rechargeable and delivers up to four hours of wireless play. So BYO Jam and connect, play and jam out loud for hours long.

JAM Facts:

Big sound, small size. Incredible sound quality from a small package. At 2.5 inches tall, you’ll be amazed at the sound.

Completely wireless. Super easy to pair. Works wirelessly up to 30-feet away. Stop hassling with wires and cords.

Totally universal. Works with all Bluetooth-enabled devices: smart phones, tablets and most notebooks. Line-in port for connecting non-Bluetooth devices.

Ready to party. Lithium-ion rechargeable battery for up to 4 hours of wireless play – no need to buy batteries.

jam bluetooth promo code

jam bluetooth promo code

DROID DNA Promo Code – Makes it FREE!

DROID DNA Promo Code

The DROID DNA Promo Code below will get you an additional $50 OFF at check out. Put a New HTC Android Smartphone in your pocket along with 50 Bucks cash.

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HTC designed the Droid DNA with the goal of expanding your everyday human potential, and it actually has all the great features to pull it off.

For starters, integration with Google Now connects you to the information you need most, like traffic, flight or transportation schedules or sports scores before you even know you need it. And if you love shooting video, this smartphone gives you dual 1080p HD cameras to record those special moments.

The HTC Droid DNA Promo code gets you one of the first phones to have an ultra-fast quad-core processor. Combine that with Verizon 4G LTE speed and you experience ultimate streaming, fast multitasking, and exciting gaming.

The 5-inch, 1080p HD screen—made of Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2—will have your eyes seeing a clearer resolution, and built-in Beats Audio™ will have you hearing deeper, more crisp music than ever before.

Of course, good DNA isn’t all about intelligence; the HTC design is slim, light and sleek.

Droid DNA Promo Code

Droid DNA Promo Code

Kyocera Hydro Elite PROMO Code

Kyocera Hydro Elite PROMO Code

Our Kyocera Hydro Elite PROMO Code will get you this amazing all-weather smartphone for $0 Right Now! You can put the Hydo Elite in you pocket along with and additional $50 buy using the promo code below.


Carefully copy and past it when you check out for your additional savings at This Online Verizon Store.

Behind the sleek look, wall-to-wall touch screen and innovative features of thhe Kyocera Hydro ELITE is a revolutinary smartphone you can rely on in wet and noisy places. The waterproof Kyocera Hydro Elite phone protects against blowing rain and can be submerged in up to 3.28 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

The Hydro ELITE by Kyocera is a 4G LTE smartphone with a similar split personality: powerful and sleek, yet waterproof for your adventures and those unexpected misadventures.

Not only can this waterproof phone handle blowing rain, it also can be submerged in up to 3.28 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

You’re sitting poolside, waiting for an important call, when a friend surprises you with a cannonball. He nails it perfectly, sending a shower of water onto your phone. No worries… Hydro ELITE still lets you take that call. The dinner party is over, your guests are gone and a stack of dishes awaits. The sink is full of water when your smartphone rings. You reach down with a slippery hand to grab the phone when-kerplunk-it splashes into the sink. Just scoop it up and dry it off-no biggie.
You’re enjoying a long walk in the neighborhood when suddenly the gray clouds burst and rain starts pouring down. You reach into your pocket for the Hydro ELITE to call home and ask someone to get you. Your phone is getting wet, but you’re not worried since it’s waterproof against rain.
Experience clear calls and more

Kyocera Hydro Elite Promo Code

Kyocera Hydro Elite Promo Code


Droid ULTRA Promo Codes $149.99

Droid ULTRA Promo Codes

Use our Droid Ultra Promo Codes and get an additional $50 OFF and FREE SHIPPING for a limited time! Put Fifty Bucks in your pocket along with the latest Big Deal from Motorola, the DROID ULTRA.  But you must hurry and take advantage of this great deal right now. Thin and strong: That’s the DROID ULTRA by MOTOROLA

The Droid Ultra by Motorola delivers Corning Gorilla Glass and a DuPont Kevlar fiber unibody in a mere 7.2 mm thick frame.
You can use the Great Low–light camera and easy–to–manage gallery Snap high–quality photos, even at night. The Droid Ultra has new technology that makes taking photos in low–light settings more efficient than ever. So go ahead: Take a photo of your delicious meal in a dimly lit restaurant and share it with your social networks. Or capture an unforgettable moment out on the town with crystal clarity. Tap anywhere on the screen to quickly grab that shot, and with a simple swipe, you’ll be checking out your latest masterpieces and easily sharing them with friends.

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Droid Ultra Promo Codes

Droid Ultra Promo Codes

Cheapest Galaxy S4 – $119.99

Cheapest Galaxy S4

The Cheapest Galaxy S4. Save an additional $50 OFF Right NOW on the Next Big Thing from Samsung. Just use our Exclusive Promo Code and enjoy the additional savings on this Great Smartphone deal. Hurry the promotion could end at any time.

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This is the Smartphone everyone is talking about. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the one getting all the rave reviews. Find Out Why The New Samsung Galaxy S4 Is The Next Big Thing!‎
It has been acclaimed by many to very well be the best smartphone on the market today.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S 4 – where power meets simplicity.

• Capture amazing photos with virtually no shutter lag.
• Easily find entertainment with Samsung WatchON and Smart Remote.
• Navigate your screen without touching it with Air View.

Capture any Moment and Save any Moment in you life.
Simultaneously shoot with the front and rear cameras to snag those “I was there” moments with Dual Shot. Or use Drama Shot to take multiple exposure picture collages. You can even create and share a printable photo book with Story Album.

Cheapest Galaxy S4

Cheapest Galaxy S4 – Use Our Promo Code

Plantronics Discount Promo Code 25% OFF

Plantronics Discount Code

Use our exclusive Plantronics Discount Code and get an additional 25% OFF any Blue Tooth accessory right Now! Plantronics, Blue Parrot, Jabra, Blue Ant, Motorola.

Carefully copy and past the Plantronics Discount Code below:


and enter it at check out for an Additional 25% OFF at the Onilne Verizon Store.:

Plantronics Voyager PRO HD Bluetooth Headset

Product Details

  • Revolutionary Smart Sensor Technology Up To 6 Hours Talk Time
  • Voice Alerts Announce Talk Time, & More
  • Bluetooth v2.1+EDR
  • Includes Micro-USB AC Charger, USB Cable, Silicone Ear Tips & Covers

The difference is clear. The dual-microphone AudioIQ2® noise-canceling technology of the Plantronics Voyager® PRO Bluetooth headset, pushes the limits, by cutting up to 80% of any background noise., It provides clearer calls for every day life, so if you are out and about, in the car or on the street, you will sound like you are in the office. The behind-the-ear wearing style provides a balanced, lightweight design for long call wearing comfort and with up to six hours talk time and audio battery recharge alerts, the Voyager PRO really is the business tool you can rely on.

Plantronics Discount Code

Plantronics Discount Code

BlackBerry Q10 Promo Code – It’s Only $49.99

BlackBerry Q10 Promo Code

Buy using our Exclusive BlackBerry Q10 Promo Code you will save an additional $50 OFF the current Verizon Promo pricing. An Extra $50 in your pocket, It’s like FREE MONEY! But it’s only for a limited time so grab the promo code below and go shopping for you New BlackBerry Q10.

This BlackBerry is iconic and familiar. The BlackBerry Q10 provides for fast, accurate messages. And the classic BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard is still there Q10. The classic BlackBerry Keyboard has been re-engineered and elegantly designed to help you type fast, accurately and with the least amount of effort. Plus with Instant Action the Q10 allows you to type and perform tasks faster by using shortcuts. This BlackBerry smartphone on Verizon 4G LTE helps you command action, and the long-life battery keeps you connected longer.

Carefully copy and past the Exclusive BlackBerry Promo Code below:


And use it at checkout At This Online Verizon Store.

Your BlackBerry Q10 keeps you flowing between conversations and tasks by peeking at your inbox from any app-without stopping what you’re doing-with a simple swipe using the BlackBerry Hub. Share and be seen with BBM Video and show off what’s on your screen. It’s easy to keep your mobile life moving with fast Verizon 4G LTE coverage and the BlackBerry 10.1 operating system.

Exclusive  blackBerry Q10 Promo Code

Exclusive BlackBerry Q10 Promo Code